full credits – tomorrow seoul

Directed and Curated by: Sunjung Kim
Associate Curator: David A. Ross
Advising Curator: Dan Cameron
Assistant Curator: Tyler Russell, Seungmin Yoo
Exhibition Design: Sunjung Kim

The Artists: Alexandre Arrechea, Lee Bul, Jeonghwa Choi, Jan Christensen, Democracia, Cao Fei, Liam Gillick, Gimhongsok, Jens Haaning, Pierre Huyghe, Surasi Kusolwong, Sarah Morris, Antonio Muntadas, Inhwan Oh, Mai-Thu Perret, Sergio Prego, Navin Rawanchaikul, Tobias Rehberger, Martha Rosler,  Tino Sehgal, Allan Sekula, Bruno Serralongue, Chen Shaoxiong, Shimabuku, Doho Suh, Tadasu Takamine, Rirkrit Tiravanija, Ozawa Tsuyoshi, Lim Tzay Chuen, Haegue Yang, Young Hae Chang Heavy Industry and Xu Zhen

Exhibition Coordinator: SAMUSO
Team: Najung Kim, Hyohun Lee, Sooyoun Lee, Enna Bae,
Intern: Heewon Chung, Lina Ahn, Sun-Joo Lee

Kumho Museum of Art
Curator: Yun Ok Kim
Venue Coordinator: Moon-Jung Chang

Artsonje Center
Venue Coordinator: SAMUSO

Sponsors: ISU Chemical, Hyundaicard co., Ltd.,
Supporters: NHN Corp.(Naver), Asiana Airlines, Inc., Centre Culturel Francais, Pro Helvetia, Centre Pompidou

Space Construction and Technical Support: Woo Suk Hwang, Hyun Sung Moon
Technical Equipments Coordinator: Seung-Taek Kim
Production Support: Junho Seo, Se-Jin Song
Administrative Support and Accounting: Mikyoung Lee, Minhwa Hong, Misun Lee
Education: Keum-Hyun Han

Host: The Korean National University of Arts, School of Visual Arts
Symposium Coordinator: Miyoun Park
Speakers: Jinyoung Kim , Il-Hyun Kim, Lu Jie, Martha Rosler, Hiroshi Minamishima

Video Screening Program
Centre Pompidou New Media Collection
Curated by Centre Pompidou
Tomorrow Video Screening Program
Curated by Sunjung Kim

Exhibition Catalogue
Text: Sunjung Kim, David A. Ross, Martha Rosler
Coordinator: Seungmin Yoo, Hyohun Lee
Graphic Design: Baan Graphics

PR: SAMUSO, YUS Communication

Marketing Team
Marketing Director: Janet Lee
Marketing Company: Ji-Min Chung, Youn-Chung Oh, Seungyeon Kang, Keul-Sam Kim

Website: Tyler Russell
Website Banner: Shimabuku, Sunrise at Mt. Artsonje, 2007 (image courtesy: the artist)

Special Thanks to: Maeil Dairy Industry Co. Ltd., Dal, Jung Hyun Park, Jae-Gil Yoo, Soukyoun Lee,

Sungyoun Lim


One Response to full credits – tomorrow seoul

  1. Paul Wozney says:

    Where can I reach Tyler Russell? I am a friend from Canada, in Halifax, NS that would love to connect with him. With thanks,

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