Pompidou Collection – Video Screening

Pompidou Centre’s New Media Collection – Video Screening

The Collection Nouveaux Media of Centre Pompidou

The Nouveau Media Collection in the Pompidou Center of Paris, France, possesses various installation and multimedia work of many artists including all kinds of video tapes and music tapes. Modern movie directors, screenwriters, dancers, and musicians create works in different ways from the past. This modern collection is composed of one thousand one hundred and fifty video and music tapes, and over seventy multimedia installation pieces. The reason that this collection is globally acclaimed is because of the vast amount of works that reflect the variety of modern creations within the variety of artistical principles. Through the collections that comprehend the forty year history of image art, This collection prominently stands out in the center of the great flow of art history in performances, body art, minimalism and concept art, and post-concept art. For the reasons stated above, the international and diverse the Pompidou Center Nouveau Media Collection clearly stands out in modern art history.

William Wegman (1943~)

<The Best of William Wegman>, 1970-1978, 20min

<The Best of William Wegman> is comprised of the actions of the artist and his famous pet dog ‘Man Rei’. This piece is a record of the artist and his dog’s absurd actions from a certain distance without using any technical manipulation. Also, the artist uses his own body in a very technical way, producing very amusing comic scenes.

Rachel Reupke (1971~)

<Infrastructure>,2002, 14min

This piece portrays four scenes in which the sublime being of the great nature and threatening technology encounter each other. In each scene, an almost unperceivable act of escape(a person who hurriedly gets off a plan, a chase in the fields, assassination etc.) unfolds within a spectacular scene of communicational network such as an airport, highway, railroad, and a port. Through romanticist aesthetics, such criticisms against the modern society are placed on the boundaries of pictorial and film experiences.


?<Travelling to Utopia>, 2005, 3min 50sec

Using the device of foreshadowing as in novels, this piece reveals the adventures and travels of the speaker who is confronted with the power and effect of technology. Similar to the other works of YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, this political fable is also composed of black letters accompanied by jazz music, and the story appears rhythmically. Here, the internet is no longer considered as only a means of communication. The artist’s technical ability is a necessary factor of the narration.


Maider Fortune (1973~)

<Totem>(2001), 10min

A black and white screen which shows a face filmed close-up (Reminds viewers of the image of Judy Garland in Hollywood musical comedy films) moves up and down. This scene reminds viewers of jump-roping in rather slow motion. The slow scenes gradually change to disciplined movements. These movements dismantle the flexible flow and change them into almost fixed images. Through the effect of sequence and after-image, one fixed image becomes blurry on top of another. Repeating this process, the face is gradually changed to coincidentally reveal the skull that supports the face. A girl and death.

Johan Grimonprez (1962~)

<DiIAL H-I-S-T-O-R-Y>(1997), 68min

This project, which was initiated in the Pompidou Center of Paris, France, was co-produced by the Kunst Centrum(STVC) and Louvain University(Belgium). Composer David Shea was in charge of the music. Johan Grimonprez inquires about the cultural imagination of disasters by gathering together the texts from news articles, amateur documents, and exerpts from Don DeLillo’s literature works. Ever since we sat in front of the television, the 9/11 incident in 2001 and the tsunami in South Asia caused even greater sensation.


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