Tadasu Takamine

Tadasu Takamine

Born in Kagoshima, Japan in 1968 Tadasu Takamine is a multi-media artist concerned with basic questions about how the transient peculiarities of people’s social-historical, cultural, linguistic, and carnal nature encounter and react to socio-political structures, norms and phenomena. Emerging as potent pieces of visual poetry Takamine‘s works take the form of videos, performances and multi-media environments. For Tomorrow he will present his 2004 work Baby Insadong a narrative installation that tells the transformative tale of Takamine‘s marriage to Kwiweol Kim, his girlfriend of 7 years that he happened to have gotten pregnant while doing a residency at Artsonje in late 2003.  This first person, very personal story is told in a manner infused with anticipation towards new life and longing for inter-personal/inter-cultural communication. Himself ethnic Japanese and Kim an ethnic Korean born and raised in Japan their marriage brought together disparate and often conflicting communities and thus could not easily take on any given traditional form. Therefore the expectant couple decided to transform their wedding into a cultural third-space with Spanish inspired paintings of bride and groom greeting guests at the entrance of the wedding hall (an art center for the physically disabled), an Indonesian procession band, an American minister, a Canadian MC, and Nadja the drag-queen genius who danced for the newlywed couple. The resulting installation is a composition of photograph, text, video and sound.


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