Navin Rawanchaikul

Navin Party, 2006-

A Thai artist with Japanese permanent resident status whose ancestral roots are in Hindu-Punjabi communities of what is now Pakistan, Navin Rawanchaikul was born in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1971. Questioning modern systems of artistic production, presentation and distribution Rawanchaikul seeks for ways to put art in touch with the lives of everyday people. His work which is most often produced in collaboration with his production company Navin Production Co., Ltd. has included the use of a taxi as an international contemporary art gallery, workshop series’, symposia, interactive games, and elaborate storytelling environments consisting of vernacular billboards, free or cheap comic books, sculptures, paintings, puppetry, animation and more.

In 2006, taking issue with the art system’s tendency to organize and utilise artists – Asian artists in particular – in accordance with their geo-national peculiarities, Rawanchaikul initiated the Navin Party ( and began producing a series of works based on a story where Rawanchaikul, a lonely son of diaspora, founds a global party for people who share his name, Navin. Traveling the globe in search of fellow Navins the project appropriates various cultural production and propaganda techniques and employs them in the interest of navinism and global nominalism. For Tomorrow, Rawanchaikul will be introducing the Navin Party with the presentation of a bollywood-style music video that tells the story of the party’s founding, Navins of Bollywood while promoting an upcoming production that tells the story of the meeting of two young Nabin from North and South Korea.


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