Korea 2018

A Long March Project – Korea 2018

For immediate release
September 9, 2007

Launch: 4 October, 2007
Site: ‘Tomorrow’, Kumho Museum, Seoul / Artsonje, Seoul

‘Korea 2018’ is the first platform of discussion for a major ongoing project that aims to project a future destination where boundaries, limits and cultural divides are sympathetic to the necessity of subversion and open regard. For ‘Korea 2018’ invited participants will be asked to imagine their arrival in a time zone of future speculation, where oppositional politics and historical spectacle concerning ideas of North and South, are no longer a given praxis of cultural, social or artistic engagement.

‘Korea 2018’ is a highly ‘confidential’ and creative meeting of minds. Art historians, writers, artists and filmmakers, from both sides of the present day Korean divide, shall take part in what aims to be the beginning of a continuing dialogue, where issues such as the juncture between education and art; the definition of the ‘contemporary’; and the relationship between social politics and artistic production shall be on the agenda.

It is hoped this discussion will move beyond the presumed language of difference and alterity, transforming a linear past through shared motivations in an eventual unfolding of divisive boundaries — a process empowered by understanding the power of art to communicate. It is hoped the sharing of contextual specificities of artistic production will engage ideas, and project new avenues, for the development of new methodologies of existence.

As mediator of this discussion, Long March Project seeks to reinforce that it is through an understanding of how knowledge structures are produced and thus provide social meaning that society discovers a roadmap in which to act, give opinion, and seek improvement. This in itself is a new kind of social progress that enables artistic creation. This meeting acknowledges the authority of culture as a fundamental visual economy to which all other avenues of human production feed and interacts. This perspective embraces the existence of culture as essential to the development of future social and political initiatives, seeking to go beyond the boundaries of art formally inscribed by the format of exhibition and display.

‘Korea 2018’ is a departure point for further discussion, exploring and negotiating methods of understanding that make knowledge about socialism, art, history, the present and the future possible. By undertaking this conceptual journey, by positioning a perspective grounded in an inevitable moment of the future, by resonating this experience with an awareness of the realities of the past, while also possessing a concurrent sympathy for the varied and parallel situations of the present – this complex interstice of time and space will enable a projection of tomorrow where Korea in 2018 is not an impossible ideal, but a productive reality.

For more information please contact:
Long March Space
4 Jiuxianqiao Rd, Beijing, China 100015
Tel +86 10 6438 7107
Fax + 86 10 6432 3834


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