Liam Gillick

Based on Gillick’s recent research of the social and economic centers of European countries, he has concluded that ‘the state itself is a super commune.’ According to the artist’s investigation, the experimental production methods developed in the 1970s in Sweden, have become part of the standard rhetoric of Western industry. These developments have disappeared due to the increasing globalization of production and the outsourcing away from the site of consumption. He creates a scenario where workers in a northern European car factory return to their former work place and discuss the potential of eco-political exchange systems and alternative production models. Created from such a critical scenario, Prototype Structure for a Social Centre, 2006 avoids classical models of Communism, while at the same time encouraging a communal working environment. Gillick is also working on posters for the Tomorrow exhibition.  A Film with No Camera, 2007 is a poster type text-work that Liam Gillick made specially for the Tomorrow exhibition. It looks like someone scribbled with a paintbrush on a Q&A text about a better world. The audience comes closer to look at the text, but it is ultimately impossible to understand. This represents desire towards and the impossibility of  knowing ‘tomorrow.’


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