Bruno Serralongue

Bruno Serralongue is an artist who employs the techniques of photojournalism to expose the conditions of contemporary humanity.  Instead of focusing on obvious, newsworthy spectacles as a typical journalist might his camera looks around the corner at lesser acknowledge phenomena. Recently, Serralongue’s photographs have looked at how people living in the developing world have been impacted by processes of globalisation.  In so doing he has fulfilled the role of the news photographer but by focusing on neglected areas and aspects he broadens the discussion revealing distortions and gaps in our perception of reality.

For Tomorrow Serralongue will be presenting his new work: Mexico City.  This piece is a collection of 9 photographs that the artist took while he was living in the Mexican capital. Depicting the intersection of human settlement and the natural landscape these photographs show Mexico City’s ever sprawling expanse in a manner that causes viewers to wonder/worry what the limit might be while shedding light on the everyday needs and conditions of human community.


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